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RDR2 was a game that sprung on my radar repeatedly and without fail in a positive light. It seemed mechanically like the perfect open-world experience. However I’ve never been a fan of westerns or period pieces. Still, it was tough to ignore the praise I kept coming across.

Eventually I…

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I don’t feel particularly well these days. Ever since the depression returned I’ve been helpless against the emptiness in my heart. It’s combined with the ill effects of sustained social distancing to fundamentally alter my baseline and sense of identity.

The resultant melancholia’s been the toughest I’ve endured in years…

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I must make clear from the outset I’m a huge fan and admirer of Dan Brown. I’ve read all his novels, spent countless words expounding why he’s as great as he is, and I count him as one of three authors I revere. …

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There exists a multitude of writing styles and none of them is objectively correct. However I prefer prose that’s concise yet poignant. The perfect example of that is the late John le Carre, who deservedly was known as perhaps the greatest storyteller of his generation.

Le Carre conveyed in ten…

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I’m not accustomed to being loved just for existing. Over the years I’ve built and reinforced the notion I’m only as lovable as my abilities are valuable. If a third party told me that about themselves I’d say a human life is valuable simply by virtue of its being. …

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I love heavy metal. My favorite band is Slipknot, followed by Linkin Park and Bring Me the Horizon, followed by Architects. Each of them has a different sound and operates under a different nuanced genre within the broad category of metal, but Slipknot is heavy metal through and through.


Chandrayan Gupta

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