Why you’re better off listening to your body than society

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And in no way should you feel guilty about that

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Once nothing more than chance encounters while scrolling Prime Video, now they’re part of my list of favorites

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We can never truly spread awareness about mental illness without dealing with its taboo side

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Keep your eyes and ears open and actually think before acting

Not in the traditional sense, anyway; there is a different kind of hallucination that is talked about far less often

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Because starting out guns blazing leaves you exhausted by nighttime.

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Sometimes it’s like I’m swimming in a pile of unread books; and if I pick up one, I’m missing out on all the others

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From a cursory glance, it’d appear everybody has one dysfunctional trait or the other

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And what do you do when someone refuses to help themself?

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Chandrayan Gupta

Young author, blogger, and law student. I write crime thrillers with a heavy focus on mental health issues. Instagram: chandrayan_gupta

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