A call for everyone with a story to tell to fire up their word processor

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No gimmick, no clickbait, no attempt to be controversial or shocking; I genuinely believe writing novels is easy. It has to be.

You know why?

Because I’ve done it.


I once went to kick a football with one foot, decided to go with the other foot while the first…

I am endlessly surprised by my willingness to bear with my labrador’s constant biting and general naughtiness.

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For seven years we had a golden retriever named Scooby whom I came to love as my little brother. That wasn’t just a cute moniker; he was my little brother. He was also epileptic. Despite taking medication, he had one seizure too many two months ago. His rear became paralyzed…

Something is never completely good nor completely bad; there is always a middle path

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Of late there has been a decidedly radical shift in the thinking patterns of humanity. Compromise has become a dirty word. It’s either my way or the highway, something is either wholly good or wholly evil. The middle path has been eroded by a veritable stampede of fanatical extremism.


It’s all about resting your mind when it gets overwhelmed

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I swear I’m not trying to brag, but I’ve never suffered from writer’s block. Which is odd, because I’ve read time and again it happens to all writers at least once. I’ve been on the lookout ever since I began writing professionally, but… nothing. …

Chapter One

Author’s Note: I write in Word. The transition from there to here might have resulted in some elements being out of place or the design looking a bit wonky. I apologize for that. But after reading and re-reading this 7K-word monstrosity for the 9000th time, I wasn’t about to check…

Having grown up with him, it’s hard to imagine 007 being played by anybody else

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I was born in 1999, the same year The World Is Not Enough was released. I saw that movie years later, when I was five or six. I watched all of Pierce Brosnan’s Bond flicks, my favorite being GoldenEye. Brosnan was fantastic as 007. He was handsome, charming, charismatic. …

It’s not always about feeling watched and connecting dots that don’t exist

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In 2018 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and admitted to a psychiatric hospital to undergo treatment. I’d just attempted suicide and had confided in my doctor about a half-formed voice I interacted with on a regular basis. I had dropped out of college and had no other commitments. …

Let your readers fill in the blanks

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If I’m being transparent, I never paid much attention to editing. I still don’t, at least not to the extent other writers seem to. But I’ve come to appreciate the importance of re-reading and altering some of the more problematic sections of my work.

I’ve also never taken a professional…

Which frightens me about the future despite knowing the tremors have nothing to do with Parkinson’s

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While at one point in time I used to experience debilitating panic attacks every day, I no longer have that problem. I like to think my battle with anxiety is in the past and that it ended with me the victor. …

It doesn’t take a wunderkind and is in fact quite simple; however, concentrated and longterm effort is required

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I hate writing that kind of title; it makes it sound like I’m gloating. Or I’m an arrogant fool. It makes me sound like a gloating arrogant fool. …

Chandrayan Gupta

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