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I haven’t watched many sitcoms in my long twenty-two year old life. Here are all of them: How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Seinfeld, Two and a Half Men (up till Charlie Sheen left), and The Big Bang Theory. That’s it. I tend to watch dark detective/techno thrillers instead.


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Content Warning: This article contains multiple references to suicide and suicidal thoughts. Please read with caution and stop if you find yourself overwhelmed or triggered.

Having lived for over a year without experiencing an episode of depression, I’d gotten used to feeling okay. I’d become accustomed to a certain equilibrium…

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I was interested in Blade Runner for a long time, not least because producer and director Sam Esmail cited it as one of the inspirations behind a favorite television show of mine, Mr Robot. Still, I got around to actually watching it only earlier this year.

And I was blown…

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It was my twentieth birthday. I was in another city, visiting my dad. We were in a bookstore, me trying to pick out something to keep my imagination satiated for the coming week. We’d planned lunch with a cousin of mine, and met in the bookstore. They said to choose…

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Having been clinically depressed from the age of fourteen, I’ve always had perspective on what to be scared of and what to dismiss. Dressing differently, calling out what I perceive as unfair, exams and grades, doing things my way, none of these faze me. …

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