One stray Steam purchase has broadened my gaming horizons forever

Find out what it even means to overcome depression, and also learn what to expect from the recovery process

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We are neither good nor bad; we simply are who we are.

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No expectations, no disappointment; still, I am trying to change

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Not you too; now the world will discredit and isolate your work, which should stand on its own

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I deserve it, I deserve it not…

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It is neither all good nor all bad; just like people, they form a more holistic part of your life

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And it is terrifying

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Why you’re better off listening to your body than society

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And in no way should you feel guilty about that

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Chandrayan Gupta

Young author, blogger, and law student. I write crime thrillers with a heavy focus on mental health issues. Instagram: chandrayan_gupta

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