And what you can do about it

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I also made success my mindset and adopted every productivity hack out there and so now I am perfect and invincible

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If I am different people at different times, do I even exist?

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I was recently forced to confront everything I had been suppressing when my fury frightened a loved one

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It gets a bad rap, but heavy metal is helpful in battling bitterness, loneliness, sadness, and expressing the negativity within

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In thinking it is preparing you for the worst, your brain only exacerbates your discomfort

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They weren’t self-help in the traditional sense, but they helped me in profound ways

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Hers is a tragic but classic example of how a severe mental illness might be lurking behind that easy smile

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But right now, for me, there’s no other option

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What I eventually learned from being the unequivocal villain in the biggest mistake of my life.

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Chandrayan Gupta

Young author, blogger, and law student. I write crime thrillers with a heavy focus on mental health issues. Instagram: chandrayan_gupta

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